Serendipity is finding something wonderful where you didn’t expect to find it. My name is Fran (that’s why the “narf”…) and I live with my husband Steve (aka “Stevie-boy”) on 4 steep and rocky acres on the Tamar River in Tasmania Australia. Our property is home to any manner of waifs and strays at any given time. We are middle aged student hippies who are attempting to live a more sustainable, less wasteful life. This blog is so that we can document and share what we are doing here in case anyone else might be interested and our experiments, failures and triumphs might just help someone else avoid the pitfalls. We like to approach life with humour and wine (often in equal measure).

Earl teaching Steve how to use Facebook
Earl teaching Steve how to use Facebook
Earl and Bezial on the deck
Earl and Bezial on the deck where they can be found in most of the daylight hours.
Steve, Earl and Bezial in the car
As you can see I am outnumbered in the gender stakes. Earl, Bezial and Steve.
Wet narf7 in Sanctuary
This is how I am likely to be found at any given time. Wet, dirty, in the garden and not quite presentable. Meet narf7.

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  1. Yay! Enjoy your new home.

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    1. narf7 says:

      There might be a few limitations with WordPress.com but they are outweighed by better S.E.O. and a complete lack of responsibility on my behalf. I shall lay back and think of England 😉

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  2. Robbie says:

    found you!!! How do I subscribe , so I don’ t get lost trying to return. I will check it out later htis week when I have some free time-just crazy the past few months:-)

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